The Greeks in the list with the world’s most influential scientific minds 2015

The Greeks in the list with the world’s most influential scientific minds 2015

Thomson Reuters report on “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds,” covering the main areas of science and the social sciences, presenting the researchers who, in their respective fields, have contributed markedly high numbers of top-cited papers over a recent ten-year period. The report also includes a section on the world’s “hottest” scientists, whose work within the last two years has been cited at a notably rapid clip. Every year upwards of 9 million scientists and scholars publish their findings in academic journals producing papers that, according to some estimates, likely number in excess of 2 million.

Compiled annually, the “Most Influential Scientific Minds” report reflects data from the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers website, with publication and citation figures drawn from Essential Science Indicators (ESI), a component of the Web of Science.

Of the 3,126 Highly Cited Researchers in the 2015 listings, 27 scientists are Greek. It is worth mentioning that one of them Professor Paul Alivisatos is featured in 3 different categories: Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science. Whereas Professor John Ioannidis is featured in 2 different categories in Social Sciences and Clinican Medicine.

See the 27 Greek scientists that excelled globally in 2015:

1. Polissiou Moschos /Agricultural University Athens Greece – AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES

2. Kyrpides Nikos /Joint Genome Institute USA – BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY

3. Alivisatos Paul /University California Berkeley USA – CHEMISTRY / MATERIALS SCIENCE

4. Christou George /University Florida USA – CHEMISTRY

5. Demetri George /Dana Farber Canc Inst USA – CLINICAL MEDICINE

6. Dimopoulos Meletios /University Athens Greece – CLINICAL MEDICINE

7. Filippatos Gerasimos /University Athens Greece – CLINICAL MEDICINE

8. Ioannidis John /Stanford University USA – CLINICAL MEDICINE

9. Floudas Christodoulos /Princeton University USA – COMPUTER SCIENCE

10. Giannakis Georgios /University Minnesota Sys USA – COMPUTER SCIENCE

11. Karagiannidis George /Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece – COMPUTER SCIENCE

12. Rakopoulos Constantine /National Tech University Athens Greece – ENGINEERING

13. Rakopoulos Dimitrios /National Tech University Athens Greece – ENGINEERING

14. Klironomos John /University British Columbia Canada – ENVIRONMENT/ECOLOGY

15. Pappas Peter /University Alabama Birmingham USA – IMMUNOLOGY

16.Daferera Dimitra/Agricultural University Athens – AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES

17. Deloukas Panos /Queen Mary University London UK – MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS

18. Dermitzakis Emmanouil /University Geneva Switzerland – MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS

19. Kellis Manolis /Broad Institute USA – MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & GENETICS

20. Kalivas Peter /Med University S. Carolina USA – NEUROSCIENCE & BEHAVIOR

21. Christopoulos Arthur /Monash University Australia – PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY

22. Mikos Antonios /Rice University USA – PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY

23. Alivisatos Paul /University California Berkeley USA – PHYSICS

24. Avouris Phaedon /IBM USA – PHYSICS

25. Christodoulides Demetrios /University Cent Florida USA – PHYSICS

26. Soukoulis Costas /Iowa State University USA – PHYSICS

27. Pantelis Christos /University Melbourne Australia – PSYCHIATRY / PSYCHOLOGY

28. Ioannidis John /Stanford University USA – SOCIAL SCIENCES, GENERAL

29. Kamtsiuris Panagiotis /Robert Koch Institute Germany – SOCIAL SCIENCES, GENERAL


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