A Greek island in the top 10 romantic cruise destinations for 2016
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A Greek island in the top 10 romantic cruise destinations for 2016

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, looking to recapture the spark from early years or simple just looking for a holiday where it’s socially acceptable to draw your partner like a “French girl”, you would be hard pressed to find a holiday more romantic than a luxury cruise. The website stuff.co presents the list with the top 10 of the most romantic cruising destinations visited by cruises in 2016. Among them a Greek island, known for its unique sunsets.

It is no other than Santorini.

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1. Budapest, Hungary


Bisected by the river Danube, Budapest offers a stately elegance that continues to enchant visitors. Sweeping views, cobblestone lanes and iconic buildings invoke strong feelings of romance in the Hungarian capital.

2. Santorini, Greece


Whitewashed cubist houses cling to cliffs in the Cyclades island. With perfect postcard views around every corner, if you are fighing with your partner here, you should probably start seeing other people.

3. Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Providing easy access to remote and untouched stretches of beautiful beaches, Tortola provides a romantic paradise away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

4. Moorea, South Pacific


Couples looking for a real escape from the world (and the kids) should look no further than Moorea. A secluded heaven in the South Pacific, the relaxing days and epic-sunsets is sure to help rekindle the romance

5. Antwerp, Belgium


With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, Antwerp is a worthy cruise stop just in itself. But it is also known for its Diamond District.

6. Elba, Italy


For 300 days Napoleon was a resident of Elba and if he’d known how things would turn out, he probably would have spend more time at this idyllic and romantic paradise.

7. Portofino, Italy

Πορτο Φινο / Portofino

Now this is a town that will have you swooning, for your partner and the landscapes.

8. Valparaiso, Chile


This one may come a little out of left-field. But if you look beyond the bustling port, you will find a city overflowing with bohemian charm and old school romance.

9. Capri, Italy


You can’t really blame us for putting more than one Italian city on this list of romantic cruise destinations – especially since this butterfly shaped island takes romance to the next level.

10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ντουμπροβνικ - Κροατία / Dubrovnik

Ντουμπροβνικ – Κροατία / Dubrovnik

Fast becoming one of the most popular cruise destinations, Dubrovnik offers pristine beaches, amazing seafood and plenty of space to spice up the romance