Greek city among the top 10 choises for US and Canada
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Greek city among the top 10 choises for US and Canada

Hotel rooms and airline tickets online search Platform includes a Greek city among the top 10 destinations with the greatest demand for travel, the best prices on flights and accommodation and most affordable luxury services for American and Canadian tourists.

Athens is gaining every year more and more fans. A decisive factor for the placement of the Greek capital on three separate categories of destinations, is the 17% reduction recorded in the prices of airline tickets to Athens compared to last year thanks to a more favorable dollar-euro exchange rate and lower oil prices. Data indicates that Athens records a 11% increase in searches for airline tickets than last year, while prices of luxury hotels are 41% lower than the average price of a five star hotel. invites its readers to visit Athens by noting the following: “From the folks that brought us “kudos” and “eureka,” it’s always a brilliant idea to visit Athens.Celebrate the city that gave us democracy, theater, and the Olympics with a hearty “opa… Seriously, skip the salad. Stop by Krinos for a towering plate of loukoumades (a Greek version of doughnuts). Sharing allowed but not encouraged…While the tourists sweat it out among the ruins of the Acropolis, play it cool on the terrace of GazARTE, Athen’s entertainment complex and art space in the ultra-hip Gazi neighborhood.”


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