Minoan Astarte is the key person of the Phaistos Disk
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Minoan Astarte is the key person of the Phaistos Disk

The goddess of love, the Minoan Astarte is the key person who “unlocks” the mystery of the Phaistos Disk, according to linguist – archaeologist and coordinator of the Erasmus program, TEI of Crete, Gareth Owens.

He reveals that after new data in his research, his theory has changed slightly compared with the position expressed about a year ago. The focus is no longer the ‘pregnant mother’, as originally estimated, but the “pregnant goddess” that takes shape in the face of Astarte, the goddess of love.

“There is no doubt that we are talking about a religious text. This is clear from a comparison made with other religious words from other inscriptions from the holy mountains of Crete and other texts. We have words that are exactly the same. I suspect that the Phaistos Disc is a hymn for Astarte, the goddess of love. Such words as those mentioned in the disk are found with Minoan offerings” he added at the APE-MPE.

On the level of research on the Phaistos Disk, Gareth Owens announces that in collaboration with Professor John Oxford Coleman they have completed the reading of 90%.



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  1. Richard de Grasse

    I’m researching “Stone Circles and Minoan Navigation”. My questions are these:
    1. Any reading of ships and copper trading especially with America during the Bronze Age?
    2. Any reading of trigonometry being used by Minoans?
    3. Any reading of Minoan ship visiting the British Isles?
    Thank you.
    Capt. Richard de Grasse, Islesboro, Maine USA