Students from Xanthi won the silver medal
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Students from Xanthi won the silver medal

The silver medal brought with them the 3 students from Xanthi from the World Robot Olympiad.

Vasilis, Alexandros and Xaris from the 1st Lykeio of Xanthi won the first medal that Greece has ever won in a robotics competition.

The World Robot Olympiad is a non-profit organization founded in 2004. National Organisers are responsible for organizing regional and national tournaments in their respective countries, and the best teams from each member country qualify for the international WRO final. A new country hosts the annual international WRO every November. The World Robot Olympiad was established in 2004 and is now in its 12th year of operation. The 12th Annual World Robot Olympiad took place in Doha, Qatar in November 2015.

The WRO has over 50 member countries and over 20,000 teams compete in the WRO challenges each year. The World Finals event is hosted in a different country each year.