World interest for the tomb found in Pylos
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World interest for the tomb found in Pylos

The discovery of the international team of archaeologists led by University of Cincinnati researchers of a Bronze Age warrior’s tomb in southwestern Greece filled with more than 1,400 objects: jewels, weapons and armor, as well as bronze, silver and gold vessels has become the main topic in the most important newspapers and websites around the world. The rich and rare discovery is featured in The New York Times, CNN, BBC, National Geographic etc.

See below some of the titles in leading international media:

National Geographic: “Rare Unlooted Grave of Wealthy Warrior Uncovered in Greece”

CNN: “3,500-year-old treasure trove unearthed from grave of Greek warrior-king”

NY Times: “Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations”

Independent: “Discovery of hidden 3,500 year old warrior grave stuffed with treasure could re-write ancient Greek history. We never could have imagined the extent of the wealth that was contained in the particular grave”

Los Angeles Times: “Here’s what archaeologists found in a warrior’s grave that’s been untouched for 3,500 years. The discovery, in the words of one of the archaeologists who uncovered it, was “the find of a lifetime.”

History: “Archaeologists Find Treasure-Laden Tomb of Bronze Age Warrior” “The Incredible Treasures Found Inside the ‘Griffin Warrior’ Tomb. Why was a Mycenaean soldier buried with so many riches?”

BBC: “Uncovering the tomb of an ancient warrior”

The Times: “Greek warrior rises from grave after 3,500 years”

Reuters: “3,500 year-old jewelry haul shows opulence of prehistoric Greek burials”

Archaelogy: “Bronze Age Warrior’s Tomb Discovered in Pylos, Greece”

Washington Post: “Excavated warrior-priest tomb with unparalleled riches prompts new consideration of ancient Greek history. The warrior was buried some distance from the ancient palace of Pylos, but the riches that went with him reveal that he lived like royalty.”

NY Post: “Archaeologists find weathly prehistoric warrior’s grave full of riches”