Philip Tsiaras’ personal exhibition in Athens
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Philip Tsiaras’ personal exhibition in Athens

The renowned artist Philip Tsiaras launches a solo exhibition at Blender Gallery, Athens, entitled «Universe of Things».

The opening is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14, 2015, at 19:00, while the exhibition will last for one month.

Tsiaras is a dynamic artist of the diaspora and among the makers of contemporary art. Born in Hampshire US to Greek parents in 1952, he studied at Amherst College, focused on the visual arts, revealing an imaginative visionary world where sometimes indirectly and sometimes directly agony emerges for the mystery and complexity of life.

Philip Tsiaras is an international Greek artist who lives in New York. Since 1974 he has made 75 solo exhibitions at the Art Museum, Seattle, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, in Manchaimer Foundation, Mannheim, the Gallery Bernier, Athens, in Studio Palazoli, Milan, the Gallery Shea & Beker, New York, Gallery Margulie / Taplin, Miami, the Gallery Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, at the Museum of Santa Apolonia, Venice, Gallery Dominion, Montreal, in Swank / Ritzensi-Intercontinental, Hong Kong, the Art Museum Newport, Rhode Aislant, stiVilla Reale, Monza, Museum Courier, New Hampshire, in Spazio Cavallieri di Malta, Syracuse, Art Gallery Cyclades, Syros, at the International Festival of Contemporary Art, Istanbul Biennial of Photography, Turin, at the Gallery De Novo, San Put in Cento St. Benin, Aosta, Ithaca Art Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete, in the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, the Foundation Stella Art, Moscow and the Modern Art Museum, Shenzhen.

He uses numerous artistic media such as painting and photography, glass, ceramics and bronze. He has participated in Venice Biennale three times and created a three-meter bronze sculpture entitled “Arrivistas” in the Grand Canal.

Philip Tsiaras has won many national awards such as: The American Academy Award for Poetry, The Thomas Watson Fellowship, New York State CAPS grant, two NEA National Endowment Grants for Arts, and Generali Assicurazioni Gold Metal Award for “Civilita” (Venice). It has also been distinguished with an award for Blickle Stiftung International Photography Prize (Germany).

His creations can be found in international corporate and personal collections while others are in important museum collections such as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.