A Greek island among Europe’s 14 most colorful places
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A Greek island among Europe’s 14 most colorful places

Travelversed travel site presents a list with 14 most colourful cities in Europe. Many of Europe’s famous cities are best known for their food, wine, history, or culture. In this list we can ser 14 cities in Europe that attract visitors because of their beautiful colors! Whether the color comes from paint or plants, aqua or art, each city has a different palette to offer visitors. Cities from Italy, Sweden, France and one city from Greece. The Greek participation is a Greek island well known for its deep blue waters and for a movie that was made in the island.

We are talking about beautiful Amorgos!

See which cities are included in the list:

1. Manarola, Italy

The beautifully colored houses are situated on terraces that overlook the sea. A famous walking trail, the Via dell’Amore (Love’s Trail) leads from Manarola to Riomaggiore, another of the beautiful towns along the Italian Riviera.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
The beautiful harbor of Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm is best seen by morning light. For the most colorful views of the whole city, head towards Stortorget, the small public square where large 16th and 17th century buildings are painted in bright yellows and oranges.
3. Burano, Italy
Traditionally known for delicate and colorful blown glass, Burano is also the home of many artisans who express themselves in their work as well as in their homes. The local government encourages their creativity, but does require that homeowners submit a request before repainting.
4. Scarborough, England
Located in Scarborough, one of the best beach towns in England, these brightly colored beach houses are characteristic of this 17th century pier. Thousands of visitors fill the houses and chairs along the beach every year. The fine sand is perfect for sunbathing, and a wide promenade allows for walks all the way along the beach.
5. Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw is a great place to go to see historic buildings overlooking the river Odra. Tourists flock to the Wroclaw Fountain that explodes with color every night, and Salt Market Square, where medieval buildings in glorious colors lead the way towards the beautiful St. Mary Magdalene gothic church.
6. Menton, Provence, France
With the nickname of La Perle de la France (The Pearl of France), it’s no wonder that Menton is one of the top destinations for people looking for colorful beauty in Europe. For the best view, walk down to the harbor and look up at the houses painted in hues of azure, raspberry and cream.
7. Naples, Italy
As one of the largest cities on this list, it’s easy to lose sight of why Naples is truly one of Italy’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Once you pass the downtown business core and head towards the Bay of Naples, the brightly painted houses and boats showcase the beauty of this seaside town.
8. Amorgos Island, Greece
Amorgos Island is one of the Cyclades Island group, and features many ruins of the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the island. Even though most of the houses are painted a stark white, the brilliant blue and green of the sea and the pops of azure that you can find on many of the houses paint a beautiful picture of Grecian life
9. Berlin, Germany
The bright lights of Berlin have long attracted a plethora of artists, musicians, philosophers and thinkers who have made the city their own. Over the years, Berlin has acquired a huge amount of graffiti, especially along the remnants of the Berlin Wall that makes it a top destination for street art enthusiasts from all over the world.
10. Venice, Italy
Winding canals and houses covered in ivy and roses add to the romance of this island city. The lattice-work bridges over the canals are a great place to look out over the piazzas and villas, painted in beautiful muted shades of pink, green and blue.
11. Ebeltoft, Denmark
A small town on the coast of Denmark, Ebeltoft hosts the summer homes of many families from all around Denmark. The wooden houses with terracotta roofs in the town center are mostly medieval, and lead the way to the beautiful beaches that line the seafront.
12. Lisse, Netherlands
Lisse is a worldwide hub of tulip bulb exporters, and the fields around this town are a living showcase of the rainbow of colors that they’ve cultivated over the years. Visit Lisse in the Spring for the annual Flower Parade, and the opening of Keukenhof, known as the Garden of Europe.
13. Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic
The little Quarter of Prague (Mala Strana) is located on the banks of the winding Vltava River, and contains the majority of the historic buildings in Prague. Founded in 1257, Mala Strana is the home of many Medieval and Renaissance buildings painted in shades of pale pink, grey and yellow
14. Colmar, France
Colmar is one of the most beautiful cities in France, as well as being a major stop on the Alsatian Wine Route. Be sure to visit in the summer, when the flower boxes that line all the windows in the downtown center are in bloom. Most of the houses and buildings in Colmar are built in the same 17th century style, which has cemented its status as a popular tourist destination.


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