Alexander Payne honoured in his homeland Aegio
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Alexander Payne honoured in his homeland Aegio

The award-winning director Alexander Payne would come with his mother on their family’s place of origin in Aigio.

The Public Benefit Corporation Aigialeias (DI.K.EP.A.) will honour the Oscar-winning Payne on Friday, May 15th as an official guest at a special screening of his film «Nebraska» in the Municipal Cinema «Apollo».

He is a leading representative of the 7th Art, who never forgets his place of origin, stating at every opportunity his pride of his descent and dynamics exerted by his greek heritage. His hometown Aigio, decided to honor him for his contribution to cinema.

On this trip in Aegio Alexander Payne (Constantine-Alexandros Papadopoulos is his real name) comes with his beloved mother Peggy – Paraskevi, who comes also from Syros and Levadia. His grandfather Nikos Papadopoulos lived in Selinounta Aigio (Krokova) and at a young age he  immigrated to America. Starting from scratch and working hard, he made progress. Alexander when he was young came to Aigio with his father George Payne to see their relatives. When he grew up and worked in film industry, he started coming to Greece invited by the Thessaloniki Film Festival and each time made sure to get in touch with his relatives.

«I” m American, I am Greek-American but American. However, this crisis affecting Greece I feel that it mobilizes my DNA. Sometimes I’m thinking about things that might help. I believe that the time is right for artists, including Greek artists of the diaspora to make beautiful things. And to do it with the consciousness of their Greekness, to help Greece and care» says Payne.

The DI.K.EP.A. He chose to present his film Payne «Nebraska», a black and white masterpiece released in 2013 and was nominated for 6 Oscars. The screening will start at 8.30 pm and will be preceded by a press conference the director in Panagiotopouleiko mansion for media representatives.