Cntraveler: 4 Greek islands you need to visit now
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Cntraveler: 4 Greek islands you need to visit now

Conte Nast Traveler, a travel magazine, presents in a new article 4 Greek islands that everyone must visit. It is about 4 islands in the Cyclades and the article has 40 pictures of their best features. Hidden underwated caves, secluded beaches offer an unspoiled taste of Greece.

See the 4 islands that Cntraveler chose:


Palm Beach, the whitewashed streets meander through the village of Parikia, Marpissa, the hillside town of Lefkes, Pounda Beach and Naoussa.

2. Antiparos

Chora, the main town on Antiparos and secluded beaches are the highligts.

3.Pano Koufonisi

Even though the article mentions at first only Pano Koufonisi, at the photo gallery, we find photographs from Kato Koufonisi as well. The majestic rock formations meet turquoise waters along the coast of Kato Koufonissi, the natural swimming pool—or «pisina»—near Pori Beach, Finikas Beach,

4. Naxos

Shimmering turquoise waters lap over a sandy stretch of Agios Prokopios on the island of Naxos. Many of Naxos” most secluded beaches, like Aliko Beach, require a short trek across rocky coves but can amaze you.