SuppArting students: an initiative of artists to help underfed students
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SuppArting students: an initiative of artists to help underfed students

SuppArting students is an initiative of artists to help underfed  students through their  artistic activity. A group of creators mostly  from Thessaloniki and Athens, are joining their forces with artists from New York  in a non profit exhibition with a benevolent character. The week long exhibit will take place in the middle of May in New York City and all the proceeds will be distributed  to  300 undernourished  students in 25 primary schools of Thessaloniki.

The exhibit will be made up of different kind of arts like paintings, digital paintings, sculptures, lighting art, comics, collages, wireframe art, and engravings. So far 52 artists have volunteered their work and the list is expanding with famous and arising artists.

The council for primary education in Thessaloniki will decide how the funds will be distributed to malnourished students from 25 primary schools of the city. Directors and teachers of these schools have conducted a discreet record of these students; the encouraging thing  is that most of  these educators  are taking their own initiatives  to support the ‘weak’ students and their families. These students are usually coming from unemployed parents -in the recent economic crisis – , cases of divorced or single parent families, neglected children, facing health problems and other difficult situations.The aim of this project is to provide meals to these students for the longest  possible period.  That will depend  on the  success of the exhibition and the support of participants and contributors.

A five member team will travel from Thessaloniki to New York in the second week of May in order to organize and coordinate the exhibition. First priority is to acquaint the Greek Americans in NYC to support this effort by acquiring an artwork, making donations,  or cover part of  the operating expenses.