CNBC: Greek yogurt the new trend in fast food
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CNBC: Greek yogurt the new trend in fast food

CNBC Τv Νetwork presents the new trends to fast food industry and fortunately as the article states we can witness a turn towards healthier foods such as kale and Greek yogurt. The article is entitled «Kale to Greek yogurt: This is fast food…really». To adapt to shifting customer tastes, restaurant giants are debuting foods that a decade ago would have been more likely relegated to a natural foods market than advertised next to the dollar menu.

The broader restaurant industry has already jumped on the bandwagon, fueling a sharp rise in these better-for-you items on menus. During the past five years, quinoa appearances on menus have surged 1,200 percent, kale 1,100 percent and Greek yogurt 900 percent, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor.

At least two large fast food chains are testing whether the rise in Greek yogurt seen in the grocery aisle will translate into higher sales at the drive thru.