Mykonos among top 12 islands for solo travellers
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Mykonos among top 12 islands for solo travellers

Traveling solo is cause for celebration, just make sure you choose a setting that attracts fellow singles. picks the best 12 islands that guarantee you’ll mingle, not sit alone at dinner in a sea of cooing honeymooners. Among the 12 best islands we find a Greek island and more specifically an island of the Aegean sea.

1. Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Even shy types make friends on Jost.

2. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Start with a scuba day trip — it’s a sport where singles get paired because it’s frowned upon to dive alone. If you’re still unattached come happy hour, order that Chang beer from the bar’s corner seat. Or try one of the on-the-beach establishments where groups gather atop rugs, not around tables, making it easier to join in.

3. Iceland

If you’d rather bond over beats than beaches, try Iceland. This tiny outpost has music festivals year-round.

4. Bali, Indonesia

The temples, the spiritual practices, the balmy setting — it adds up to a certain undeniable magic. You’ll meet 20-somethings there to party, sure, but also sensitive types drawn to Bali’s energy and tropical beauty.

5. Jamaica

Consider your intentions: If you want no-strings-attached mingling, Jamaica is the place for you.

6. Key West, Florida

It doesn’t take much for this town to raise a glass. Whether it’s Fantasy Fest in October, Hemingway Days in July or just Tuesday, Duval Street is always full of the laughter of those ready to share good spirits.

7. Mykonos, Greece

The party scene here isn’t as techno-intense as Ibiza, but it’s still a nonstop party. By day, sip rosé and nibble calamari while mingling at the seaside bar, then make plans for a hot spot to reconvene at come nightfall.

8. Nassau, Bahamas

It’s the Vegas of the Caribbean: white-sand beaches with casinos, megaresorts, pool parties and nightclubs.

9. Oahu, Hawaii

It’s Hawaii’s most developed island, but it’s not lacking out-of-the-way beaches and inspiring natural settings. Go to meet surfers, yogis and other free-spirited types.

10. South Island, New Zealand

They say that sharing a high-adrenaline situation bonds any two people. Find out in Queenstown, where popular pastimes include skydiving, bungee-jumping, skiing, luge and jet-boating.

11. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

You’ll meet laid-back types at most Cruz Bay beach bars and smoothie joints.

12. St. Maarten – Caribbean

On the French side, there’s a language barrier if you don’t parles francais — but the beaches are convivial, especially those with bars near the water.


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  1. I disagree with this for sure! Well I can only speak for two. Key West is a place I tell everyone not to go to alone! It’s almost all southern honeymooners and families. And I’m currently in Mykonos, only came across this article because I’m trying to find out how to have fun here alone! 😂 It’s aaalllll groups, girls trips, stag du’s, etc… Iceland mayyyybe. It’s a much smaller crowd though, so that makes sense. No idea when this was written but I’ve been to those 3 in the past year. 🤷🏼‍♀️