Top 10 Greek beaches for 2015
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Top 10 Greek beaches for 2015

Trip Advisor once again presents the list with the most beautiful beaches in Greece for 2015. The travel website put a vote among its community and the readers chose the best beaches according to their own taste.

1. Elafonissi Beach Crete

Elafonissi is the beach “jewel” of southwestern Crete, that both Greek and foreign tourists love for its turquoise waters and pink, in several places, sand. It is a long and narrow peninsula, which often “breaks” at the beginning, giving the feeling of a separate islet. To reach it, you have to walk 200 meters of the lagoon. It has been included in the protected areas Natura, as it is full of dunes with sand lilies and cedars. Also, it is home to the endangered turtles careta careta and many species of rare animals. It is strictly forbidden to cut plants or even get a bottle of sand with you.

2. Eggremni Beach Lefkada, Ionian Islands

The beach Eggremni is of unparalleled beauty, as it combines the crystal blue waters with nature. Visitors can reach the sandy beach by going down the 338 steps or by any of vessels arriving every day at the beach. It is 2 km long. Eggremni  is 38 km from the town of Lefkada and 4 kilometers from the village of Athani.

3. Balos Beach and Lagoon Kissamos, Crete

The famous lagoon of Balos is located approximately 56km northwest of Chania and 17km northwest of Kissamos, formed between the Cape Gramvousa and the small Cape Tigani. Balos is surely the mostly photographed beach in Crete. In many places the sand has a lovely pinkish color, because of millions of crushed shells. Beyond the rocks at the boundaries of the lagoon, the water is deeper and colder, ideal for a snorkeling. The lagoon and the wider area, with rare species of flora and fauna, are protected under the Natura 2000 program. Moreover, the area is a shelter for the protected monk seal and the sea turtle caretta caretta.

4. St Pauls Bay Lindos, Rhodes Greece

Saint Paul is a small, enclosed bay with two small beaches. The beaches are covered with pebbles. Just above you can see the famous Acropolis of Lindos.

5. Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) Zakynthos, Ionian Islands

The Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, owes its name to the merchant ship «Panayiotis» which in 1983 carrying contraband cigarettes sank and washed up on the beach. The carcass is there even today. Among the towering white cliffs is a beach with white sand and deep waters. It is located near the village of Anafonitria. The access to the beach is only from the sea by boat.

6. Sarakiniko Beach Milos, Cyclades

This is a beach that synthesizes a unique lunar landscape. The eroded volcanic rocks penetrate into the sea creating small and large caves, while the lack of green, combined with the white rocks and the intense reflection of light, a unique landscape is created. Sarakiniko, which took its name from the Saracen pirates, overlooks Sifnos and Kimolos.

7. Myrtos Beach Kefalonia, Ionian Islands

The beach of Myrtos is the trademark for Kefalonia. It is the most famous beach of the island. Located in the northern part of Kefalonia, belongs to the municipality Pilarou and is about 30 km away from Argostoli. The magical colors of the beach will amaze you.

8. Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu

Paleokastritsa is one of the most popular areas of Corfu for the beauty of the water and the rocky coves. It includes six small bays and beaches. The water in this region is cold because it descends faster and because there are cold streams.

9. Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

«The Guns of Navarone» was filmed on this beach in 1961. Anthony Quinn was captivated by this tiny bay. The beach won the name of Anthony Quinn, not only because the famous actor starred in the film, but also because Anthony Quinn wanted to buy it. The deep green color of the water is due to the green vegetation surrounding the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes.

10. Agios Prokopios, Naxos

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Naxos. Featuring the white sand and the purity of the sea. It has a length of 2 km.

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