Xylouris family music tradition coming soon on cinemas
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Xylouris family music tradition coming soon on cinemas

The documentary “A Family Affair” is going  to be released on January 2015 in cinemas across Greece, Australia and the US.

The film’s production was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign in March 2014, which helped to cover initial shooting in Australia and trigger the support of ABC TV Australia, the Greek Film Centre and OTE-TV, and most recently NERIT, the Greek public broadcaster.

Now, the team needs our help to produce and launch the soundtrack of the feature documentary “A Family Affair”.

The film follows three generations of musicians of the Xylouris family who uphold and pass on the vibrant tradition of Cretan music, performing ceaselessly to followers across the world. It captures how music is passed on from father to son to grandchildren, in a contemporary Greek-Australian family, brought together and apart by their love of music. A short version of the film, entitled ‘Sounds Like Home’ was aired on ABC Australia in October 2013 and the feature-length documentary will premiere on January 8, 2015, in Athens, Greece.