Her impressive carpet in the runway of Paris Fashion Week
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Her impressive carpet in the runway of Paris Fashion Week

It is the first time the Greek- Argentinian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou, «dressed» the whole runway in the Paris Fashion Week for the designer Dries Van Noten. The carpet was hand-tufted by the Buenos Aires-based artist especially for this occasion.

Mr. Van Noten tranformed the usual runway with the carpets made by Alexandra and made it look like a green road, spotted by seeming clumps of moss and other arid succulents. At the end of the Van Noten show,  the models sat down on the carpet. The show made quite an impression to the fashion world and blogs as well as websites as NY Times made tributes to the unique fashion show with the impressive carpet.

Alexandra Kehayoglou creates incredible carpets that could be easily mistaken for miniature meadows. As varied as the grasses of South America, the carpets are beautiful representations of natural and cultural heritage. These grass-like carpets carry a strong message of sustainability. Made from wool, of course a natural material, but they are often made from the leftovers of the production of other products in the factory.

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