Pella: Macedonian treasures presented for the first time
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Pella: Macedonian treasures presented for the first time

The exhibition “Macedonian Treasures” is presented at the Pellas Archaeological Museum in northern Greece. 500 treaures found in Macedonia will be presented to the Greek audience for the first time. The exhibition will be open until September 30, 2015.

The unique exhibits were recovered from royal graves in the Aiges and Archontiko necropolises include  items such as gold crowns, gold masks, jewellery, brocaded weapons, unique sculptures, metalwork, alabaster and clay pottery that were uncovered after many years of archaeological excavation.

In 2011 some of the antiquities were presented in exhibitions held at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and at the Louvre in Paris.

«Our goal is to present a comprehensive picture of the civilization that formed in the heart of Macedonia during the Archaic and early Classical eras, at a time of fundamental change that laid the foundations for the later Macedonian kingdoms» said Angela Kottaridi director of the Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

The famous «Mistress of Aigai» (Despoina of Aigai), wife of Amyntas I (530-495 BC), queen and high priestess of the Macedonians, with all the gold jewels and gold decorations of the costume is one of the main exhibits. In addition, as impressive are the auriferous warriors of Arxontiko with their armor and their mysterious golden funerary masks. The masks worn by them and their wives are irrefutable evidence of their leading position.

As unique are unique the alabaster and marble ware from the tomb of Queen Perdiccas II (454-413 BC), and the tomb of Queen Eurydice, mother of three and grandmother of King Alexander the Great.