Greek scientist wins the Curt Brunnée Award
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Greek scientist wins the Curt Brunnée Award

The winner of the 2014 Curt Brunnée Award is Dr. Dimitris Papanastasiou, nominated by the Hellenic Mass Spectrometry Society for his contributions to the development of the theoretical understanding of ion behaviors and implementation of this knowledge in new devices for ion optics and ion mobility. Dr Papanastasiou  received the award in a special ceremony during the 20th International Mass Spectrometry Conference in Geneva.

Dr Dimitris Papanastasiou is Fasmatech’s CSO. Dr Papanastasiou’s expertise include the theoretical analysis, modeling, design and development of mass spectrometers and ion mobility spectrometers. DP gained this experience carrying out world-class research work during his post-graduate studies and doctoral thesis in Manchester, UK and postdoctoral studies in New Mexico, USA. DP has worked in Shimadzu Research Laboratory (SRL) developing hybrid mass spectrometers and differential mobility spectrometers.

The main subject during the postgraduate studies was related to the mathematical analysis, modeling and design of a prototype orthogonal time-of-flight mass spectrometer equipped with thermal/surface and electron ionization sources. The prototype instrument has been installed at the Atomic Weapon Establishment (AWE) facilities of the Ministry of Defense in UK. The post-doctoral studies involved the integration of a differential mobility spectrometer with a mass spectrometer for the simultaneous measurement and separation of complex mixtures. DP has developed techniques to kinetically cool and stabilize thermally labile molecular ions, methods to measure pressure transients in ion traps. DP has worked with isolation waveforms used extensively in traps, developed high flow electrospray ionization sources for ion mobility spectrometers, investigated ion-neutral clustering effects in atmospheric pressure ionization sources and carried out the first experiments on a differential mobility spectrometer driven by a rectangular waveform.

Dr. Papanastasiou has deep knowledge on a variety of mass analyzers such as quadrupole ion traps, the orbitrap, time-of-flight analyzers including gridless reflectrons, ion optics, the use of electrodynamic lenses, ionization processes such as electrospray and laser desorption-ionization, collisional cooling techniques, vacuum designing, pressure measurements, and ion mobility related technology. Fasmatech’s team has peer reviewed scientific publications in most of the afore mentioned areas of scientific research and development.


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