CNN: Alternative tourism blossoms in Greece
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CNN: Alternative tourism blossoms in Greece

CNN makes a special tribute to the alternative tourism of Greece, that over the last few years, seems to be blossoming. There has been a great effort to promote a new kind of tourism: alternative holidays in Greece. Apart from the normal tourists, who come to Greece to enjoy the sunny weather and the amazing beaches, there are also many other tourists who are looking for more exceptional activities. These people seem to appreciate a new kind of lifestyle, more environmentally and culturally oriented. They are looking to get to know Greece deeper.

Now the tourist has many choises: agrotourism, collecting snails, excursions including a fishing expedition on a caique (a traditional wooden fishing boat), beauty treatments performed with natural Greek products (yogurt, honey and lemon) and wine tastings from small vineyards in the surrounding Dodecanese islands, making oil or cheese, learn greek recipes and so many more.

Some of the places mentioned in CNN’s story are the Medieval Town of Rhodes, Athens and Milos.

Source: CNN