U.S.: Suggest Lefkada for relaxing holidays
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U.S.: Suggest Lefkada for relaxing holidays

These days it can be difficult to find somewhere which is beautiful, but yet still unspoilt, full of peace and isolation, for real relaxation when on your vacation in Greece.  The modern cities attract thousands of visitors, but it’s nice to find a quieter and unspoiled backwater where all that progress has not yet taken over and the original traditional life of Greece still flows. According to Guardian Liberty Voice, the place that meets all the requirements is Lefkada.

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The island of Lefkada has just such a perfect spot where you can enjoy the mostly isolated sandy beach of Porto Katsiki, overlooking the western coast of the Ionian archipelago, well-known for its stunning turquoise-running-through-to-azure ocean and stunning, cliff-enclosed beaches.

While in the summer months there are a few tourists around, for the rest of the year this area is virtually deserted.  All you will see close to the beach is a couple of shacks selling refreshments and snacks.  You will, however, need to be reasonably fit to scale the 2.5 mile pathway which runs from the village of Athani, up on the hillside, down to the beach (and obviously up again when ready to leave), but the walk is well worth it.

The traditional Greek town of Athani itself is quiet and friendly and offers the closest accommodation you can get to this particular beach on your Greek vacation.  Located 36 kilometers (22 miles) by bus or rental car from Lefkada city, it is the last well-populated town on the island accessible using a decent, paved road.  It is also the nearest town to that glorious beach at Porto Katsiki.

As at 2001, the population of Athani was recorded as being 192 persons, and probably has not changed a lot since that time.  The general vibe in the village is very friendly and along with its wonderful Ionian views, locals are also famous for their delicious honey, on sale in the stores in town for your enjoyment.

There is a small selection of accommodation available in town, but as the village is close to Lefkada city itself you might find it more convenient to stay in a hotel in the city and make the short drive or bus journey down to Athani and the beach of Porto Katsiki from there.  An easy and relaxing day trip away and definitely the place for peace and relaxation during your Greece vacation.

In what is the capital and main city on the island of Lefkada, you will be located in the north to north-eastern area of the island.  The city itself is quaint, with a traditional air and is relatively unspoiled.  It is also very conveniently located for your Greek vacation.  Lefkada is easy to reach by a causeway, joining it to the mainland, and Preveza airport is a mere 20 minutes drive away.

If all this sounds idyllic, pack your comfy walking shoes and your bathing suit and beach towel, and take a trip to Lefkada island and beautiful Athani.  Enjoy the cliff-framed, clean and charming beaches, the turquoise of the ocean and the soft golden sands.  Have the pleasure of being on vacation in Greece, taking full advantage of the peace and relaxation available to you.

Source: Guardian Liberty Voice