Australia: Documentary about Greek mariner’s life
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Australia: Documentary about Greek mariner’s life

«Greeks of the Sea» is a new documentary that will be broadcasted in Australia. Previously known as Greek Seadogs, the series has been created by a group of Australians passionate about Greece and its future. As such, the series focuses on a subject close to the hearts of the production team, and intrinsic to everyday Greek life: the country’s sea-born culture, and the preeminent skills of its mariners.

Peter Pentz is the producer. He is an Australian who characterizes himself as Hellenophile and decided to make a five-part documentary, that showcases the timeless love of Greeks for the sea.

Greek-Australian Nikos Andronicos sets on an eye-opening exploration back to his motherland of Greece, to delve deep into its maritime world and empire. During the series, Nikos will cross paths with all manner of vibrant characters whose lives are intertwined with the sea. From fishermen, to ferry captains, supertaker masters, yachtsmen, pleasure craft skippers and coast guard officers, Nikos will find out what makes them tick and how, together, they’ve turned Greece into the world’s number one maritime nation. The crew visited more than 25 greek islands.