Website maps all outdoor sculptures of Athens
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Website maps all outdoor sculptures of Athens

For the first time a website records the sculptures sited in public places in Athens. The site created by the team «Atenistas» aimes at gathering, photographing, mapping and describe in details all the sculptures that adorn public places of Athens.

More than 300 sculptures are already included in the list offering the site visitors a complete source all the sculptures. It is a cultural legacy for future generations.

The purpose of the group of «Atenistas» is that the website will be constantly updated with new listings, having as ultimate goal to form a source of information for all outdoor sculptures in Attica. Moreover, the cultural surroundings and particularly the monuments of a place, other than ornamental role, perform and coherent role. That is, act as custodians of collective uplift and historical continuity.

Until today and within the last six months  324 sculptures in the municipality of Athens have been recorded and added to the website, on which one can find photos, information about the sculptor, the material and the year of manufacture, as well as information for the person or reflect issue addressed. Also, a map shows the exact location of the sculptures. The sculptures can be listed by material, by region and by district.