Huffington Post: Archimedes was the greatest scientist who ever lived
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Huffington Post: Archimedes was the greatest scientist who ever lived

Huffington Post this time pays tribute to Archimedes, naming him the greatest scientist who ever lived. You can read below the article of the famous website:

The scientist who personifies the greatest achievements of Greek and Western science was Archimedes. He applied mathematics for the understanding of the natural world and the cosmos. In one of his books, Ψαμμιτης (Psammites), or The Sand-Reckoner, Archimedes attempted to measure the size of the universe by calculating the number of the grains of sand necessary to fill the cosmos (sphere of the fixed stars). That number turned out to be a huge one: something like 1,063.

Archimedes correctly measured the angle of seeing the sun in the sky: 32 to 27 sixtieths of a degree. «The diameter of the sun,» he said in The Sand-Reckoner, «is about 30 times greater than the diameter of the moon and not greater…. The diameter of the sun is greater than the side of the chiliagon [a thousand-sided polygon] inscribed in the greatest circle in the [sphere of the] universe.»

Archimedes was the greatest Greek mathematician of the ancient world and, with little doubt, the greatest scientist who ever lived. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily, in 287 B.C.E. He was also a philosopher, an astronomer, a physicist, an engineer and an inventor. In fact, like Aristotle before him, he set the foundations of Greek and Western science. In a metaphorical sense, all Western science is a series of footnotes to Archimedes.

Source: Huffington Post