The University of Crete among the best young universities
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The University of Crete among the best young universities

The University of Crete is included again in the second annual Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 league table, ranked #53 among the world’s best young universities under the age of 50.

The THE 100 Under 50 complements the annual THE World University Ranking. It uses the same 13 performance indicators covering the whole range of a university’s mission (teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook) but carefully recalibrated to better suit the profile of a younger institution. That is, the THE 100 Under 50  gives less weight to the subjective indicators of academic reputation – closely associated with heritage and endowment wealth – which favour the dominance of the traditional elite of old universities in the rankings of research-led universities.

As Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education Rankings notes: “The THE 100 Under 50 rankings highlight those institutions that have joined the ranks of the world’s finest in a matter of years, while many of their competitors have had centuries of development, or those that are showing great potential for future success.”  Crete is thus part of ‘an elite group of some truly exciting and dynamic institutions.’

As Phil Baty points out: “The Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 rankings highlight some exceptional achievements from fast-developing and exceptionally well-funded institutions in East Asia, notably in South Korea and Singapore. So for Crete, despite Greece’s well documented and extraordinary economic challenges, to have held on well in the ranking against such tough global competition is a great achievement.”