Rare video footage of 1964’s Crete
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Rare video footage of 1964’s Crete

The website British Pathé takes us on a trip on 1964’s Crete with a video that include images of the beautiful island of Crete fifty years ago. The footage is only a part of  the material British Pathé has and sets for sale.

The video includes footage of tourists skiing, others enjoying the sun while lying in the sand or enjoying local delicacies at the seaside restaurants.Also one can see the famous Matala, where locals and tourists during the summer months resided in caves. Locals make their daily chores with the plowing of the fields, milling and baking in wood-fired ovens or milking the goats. Dancing and music is part of Cretan tradition and is not missing from this video which takes us back 50 years ago. Certainly Crete retains her beauty.

See the rare video below:

Source: British Pathé


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