Student contest on “Memories from the old school years”
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Student contest on “Memories from the old school years”

The National Centre for Research and Rescue of School Material, EKEDISY, organizes a student competition for primary school and high school students on » Memories from the old school years».
Students who participate will create a video with narrations of grandparents about their own school years. The best ones will be awarded and will be posted on the website. The aim is to help create the Museum of Oral History of Education.
Each student can produce and submit a video of up to three (3) minutes, which will include school memories of grandparents from their own schooldays. In the video relevant photos and a soundtrack can be incorporated. Indicative topics which may be mentioned are: school memories positive or negative, their school, their class, their teachers, their school books. Closing date was set for May 10, 2014.
The material produced will be sent from the school : electronically to: or together with the attached entry form or via mail ( stored on USB) marked «Memories from the old school years» at: Metropolis 25, Thessaloniki 54624 ( Attn: Mr Kantartzi ) together with the attached entry form.
The present project will be judged by a special committee, which will take into account the relevance to the topic, the aesthetic and creativity. Three projects will be awarded  from each class and the first 5 entries in each class will receive honorable mention. All bidders will receive commemorative praise participation. The awards ceremony will be held at a special event.
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