Folegandros in the top 15 undiscovered European destinations
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Folegandros in the top 15 undiscovered European destinations

Huffington Post presented the 15 European destinations that are not yet known to a large audience, but they are about to become popular. As it is mentioned in the article, travelers may prefer Paris and London, but there are some other places in Europe that can impress the visitor with their beauty. See below what the article in the American website mentions:

When it comes to the very best European destinations, bigger does not always mean better. While travelers typically gravitate toward larger cities like London and Paris, some of the region’s most rewarding and best-kept secrets are alternatively set well off-the-beaten path. From a tiny Albanian cliff town with stunning mountain vistas, to a Swiss mountain village known for its beer and cheese, it’s well worth the extra effort to get to any of our 15 picks for the best undiscovered European destinations.

1. Porto Palermo, Albania 

A beautiful village with a 18th century castle. This Albanian village keeps a low profile, but features a towering 18th-century castle that overlooks a sparkling bay. Visitors can explore its well-preserved grounds, and take in the coastline’s picturesque scenery.

2. Sainte-Agnes, France

A a seaside village with beautiful views of the Mediterranean. This tiny seaside village comes perched atop a mountain, offering visitors a lookout over stunning Mediterranean vistas. Climb its hills to see the ruins of a 9th-century chateau, or stop by the Maginot Line fort for panoramic views of the water.

3. Coimbra, Portugal

A city with university campus located halfway from Lisbon to Porto. Coimbra boasts one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe, and visitors here can partake in lively local festivals and traditions. Visit vibrant cafés and bars to hear authentic fado music, or take a tour of one of the city’s ancient cathedrals.

4. Kotor, Montenegro

Located in a channel of the bay of Montenegro where the scenery is very picturesque. Visitors can walk through a maze of winding, cobblestoned streets, and tour buildings that date back to medieval times. For unparalleled views of the mountains and water, climb 1,350 steps to the town’s ancient fortifications. Adventurous souls can also opt to paraglide from atop the surrounding cliffs.

5. Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland is underrated as a destination compared to other European cities. This is a real «gem» that the visitor will surely appreciate. The Polish capital was practically demolished during World War II, but has since reinvented itself as an up-and-coming metropolis.

6. Appenzell, Switzerland

One of the least known parts of Switzerland, but perhaps the most beautiful. Located in the foothills of the Alps and it is famous for its beer.

7. Smolare, FYROM

The waterfalls in this village arer magnificent.

8. Sibiu, Romania

The city was built in the 12th century and is the ideal destination for those who love history.

9. Kosice, Slovakia

It is the second largest city of the country after the capital, Bratislava, but equally beautiful and picteresque. You will be amazed by the magnificent gothic architecture, the well preserved buildings and the historic.

10. Korcula, Croatia

The words are unnecessary for this extraordinarily beautiful Dalmatian island. It is also called “Black Corfu”.

11. Bolgheri, Italy

Green hills, beautiful vineyards, scenic trails. You are in Tuscany and in one of the most beautiful spots.

12. Folegandros, Greece

One of the most beautiful destinations. Even though Folegandros is often overshadowed by its neighbor Santorini, it provides visitors a getaway form the bustle of Greek islands. Laid out on the rocks, the island has not been to offer a great variety in the landscape, however, has a unique charm. Guests can discover virgin beaches and traditional food and spend quiet evenings with the magical view of the sun

13. Azores, Portugal

Azores looks like the paradise: crystal clear waters, colorful scenery, hot springs. the lush, volcanic archipelago is best known for its sapphire blue waters, colorful scenery, and majestic cliffside manors. Visitors can explore quaint seaside towns, take a dip in hot mineral springs, or hike through the island’s verdant hills.

14. Malaga, Spain

The capital of the Costa del Sol, enchants visitors with ancient streets, picturesque houses and the sunshine. The city averages 324 days of sunshine a year, making it a perfect destination to explore by foot. Take a stroll through palm tree-lined streets and stop for a drink in the city’s old quarter.

15. Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

A small city of the Czech Republic with a long history and one of the most famous temples of the country. This small Czech town began as a medieval mining village, and still retains much of its original architecture

Source: HuffingtonPost