Digital reunion of the Parthenon frieze
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Digital reunion of the Parthenon frieze

The reunion of the Parthenon frieze is a reality, at least a digital reality!
The three-dimensional digital imaging, uniting all scattered pieces, provided an opportunity for scientists to add the symbols of the three depicted gods, Poseidon, Artemis and Apollo. The visitors of the Museum of Acropolis will be able to watch a video with the three-dimensional restoration of the Parthenon frieze.
The Museum Acropolis presented in the Auditorium of the Museum of Acropolis the first results of the triennial dimensional digital scan of the frieze in a workshop.
The Greek scientists who took part in this endeavor explained step by step how they managed to complete this program. Please note that in this program participated the Acropolis Museum, the Machine Tool Laboratory of the Aristotle University and the company Geoanalysis, which contributed to specific digital surveying of the monuments.
The sections of the frieze are in the following places: fifty meters to the Acropolis Museum, eighty meters at the British Museum, one block in the Louvre, copies damaged stones in Basel, Switzerland, fragments of sculptures scattered in museums in Palermo, the Vatican, Vienna, Copenhagen, Munich and Würzburg, Germany.
Experts scaned all the blocks that are located in Athens and London, as well as copies of stones that have not survived until today and casts are exposed in the museum of Basel in Switzerland.