Greek Poems in London Underground
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Greek Poems in London Underground

In celebration of the  Greek EU Presidency from January to June 2014 and the enduring ties between Greek and British culture, six poems by Greek, British and Irish poets will be posted in the London underground from February 24 to April 2014. Hundreds of train sets are to be decorated with Greek verses and millions of passengers will be able to read them in English.

The themes of the poets range from love and the natural world, to myth and history, with bilingual texts of poems by Sappho and Anyte of Tegea, Constantine Cavafy (Ionian Song) and Nikos Gatsos (Extract from Amorgos), along with poems in English by Byron (The isles of Greece) John Keats (On Chapman’s Homer), and the Irish poet and translator Theo Dorgan (Bread Dipped in Olive Oil and Salt). The poems were selected by the writer Judith Chernaik and the poets Gerard Benson and Cicely Herbert.

Verses by the Greek poetess, Sappho will be presented on Thursday night at the Keats House, during the opening of the event “Greek Poems on the Underground.” The event is part of activities in honor of the Greek EU Presidency and organized by the Greek Embassy in London and the  Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

Source: Greekreporter