“My Greek is so sloppy that I am … «ashameding»”!
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“My Greek is so sloppy that I am … «ashameding»”!

She was born 79 years ago in Lowell Massachusetts, from a Greek immigrants’ family with immense political action. Dukakis though she received  rich studies, she has been devoted to the seventh art, however, she continues to develop vigorously act as an activist, with particular sensitivity towards the victims of torture, while she considers that her attempt as far has failed concerning her effort on Greeks of America «because they are embarrassed to talk about these issues”.

As an Impresario and cinema actress from the 60s, she began her theatrical career in Boston in 1958 and made her film debut in Robert Rossen’s film, Lilith in 1963. She won her second Best Actress Oscar in 1987 in the film «Moonstruck». She had also taught from 1965 at the Board of New School of Arts at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. There is an annually scholarship under her name to a student of the University who has very high yields. She is Michael Doukakis’ cousin who was Democratic candidate for President of America in 1988


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  1. Toula Zouros

    Αγαπητή Ολυμπία,
    I was born and raised in the village of Pelopi (formerly Gelia) in the island of Lesbos, Greece. My grandfather was a relative of Michael Dukakis’ father and thus of yours. I remember him telling stories about “their” trip from Smyrna (present day Izmir) to USA. My grandfather returned to the island in less than ten years. I lived in Canada for about 25 years and now we live in Heraklion after my husband retired from the University of Crete. We visit Pelopi periodically. This summer the village’s Historical Museum will open. The villagers (now around 350 from about 1000 in the days of my grandfather) are proud of the Dukakis roots and want very much to have a Dukakis corner in the museum. They mentioned to me that you have produced a documentary with photos of the village. I couldn’t find it in the internet. I write to you on behalf of the whole village with the request to send us not only this video but much more about you and Michael. Please forward this message to Michael (we met when he visited the University of Crete about 20 years ago). There can be no greater honor for the museum than to have documents of the history of the Dukakis family.
    Ευχαριστώ, με αγάπη
    Toula Zouros