Greek, the richest young Australian
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Greek, the richest young Australian

Mr. Ross Makris, businessman of the Greek homogenia, was the first among the richest young Australian -under 40 years old- on the list of the financial magazine Business and Review Weekly in 2009. Son of the homogeneous Costas Makris, one of the richest people in Australia with a fortune up to one billion 60 million U.S. dollars, Ross did it last year, according to the international analysts, much better than his father in Business Administration. Like Costas Makris, so did Ross, earned his fortune from real estate investments, mainly in Adelaide.

The homogeneous businessman Costas Makris immigrated to Australia in 1963. He worked initially in the foundry and later on he bought a string of Fast Food restaurants and then he moved to the real estate industry. He bought this first Mall with the profits from the sale of the Fast Food stores in the 1980s.

Today he has many shopping centers – the Optus House in Adelaide and Bonnyridge Plaza on the outskirts of Sydney – while he has operational business in Greece. Ross Makris, started working with his father in 1987, and he founded the Precision Investment Corporation in 1995 as his own financial “vehicle”. His first property was a shopping center acquired from his father. He still works with his father at the headquarters of their company, but they maintain separate operations.


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