The Greek “stamp” in the global automotive industry
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The Greek “stamp” in the global automotive industry

Andreas Zapatinas was no different from the other children at his age. He liked to draw on the white paper, while his favorite drawing was always a car. The only difference is that his love, led to his profession.

Today he is a unique name in the automobile industry – he has served as chief designer of Subaru and Alfa Romeo and director of corporate planning BMW & Fiat.

Speaking to the Athens News Agency, Andreas Zapatinas reveals that his inspiration emerges even from the smaller things. He begins to draw, creating a line as he says, which may be oblique, and he gradually moves to create a project, which may be completely new, or to come to renew an existing one.

Among other things, he has helped in designing the Fiat Bravo and Fiat Coupe and the Alfa Romeo 145, with reference to the flat V, which forms the rear window and rear «Cat» lights. Before he becomes the head of advanced design at Alfa Romeo and Subaru, he held key positions on automotive design at Fiat and BMW.

During his career he participated in the design of Fiat Barchetta, Bravo, Coupe, Alfa Romeo 145, 147, 156 sports wagon, 159, Brera. Furthermore, the flying mold of BMW 1 series, especially the types coupe and cabrio, 5 and 3 series in circulation, and X5 and CH6, which were released recently, have his own mark. While he participated in the design of various exhibitions’ models such as, Subaru B9 sc, R1e, B5tph, and he has taken part in external, internal and general design in cars, according to the needs of each case.

Andreas Zapatinas studied drawing in Art Center College of Design in California, taught drawing in schools in Italy and Switzerland and since September 2006 he draws and has an advisory role in the automotive and other manufacturing industries.


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