The glow of Hollywood in Apikia of Andros
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The glow of Hollywood in Apikia of Andros

Until recently, Ted and Eugenie Bafaloukos had their promising careers in Hollywood. However, following a free decision of the moment, the couple decided to put their careers on hold to relocate to the island of Andros, where they resumed doing creative work.

Eugenie Bafaloukos is an accomplished costume designer, having worked next to famous movie stars, like Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon and Cameron Diaz.

With origins in Andros, Ted Bafaloukos directed the feature film Rockers in 1978. They first visited the island 15 years ago. “Shall we stay here forever?”, Eugenie’s later impulsive idea motivated Ted to give a quick affirmative and intuitive response. The couple relocated to a beautiful village cottage on the island of Andros from their loft apartment at Tribeca in New York. Currently, both experienced professionals serve the Theatre Club of Andros, staging theatre productions with Apikia’s amateur actors.

They sometimes miss New York, as they say, but they have no second thoughts about their decision to live on the island. Life has fulfilled their dreams, they say and admit that they have always been lucky in getting the chance to make their own decisions.


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  1. winston gardner

    Hello Ted and Eugenie, This is Winston saying hello and happy to see you both.

    • Ευγενία Μπαφαλουκου

      Winston! For heavens sake!!! How great to hear from you! I hope you are well! Would love to hear from you, if this finds you, that would be so cool!

      • Winston Gardner

        I am doing ok, I am in Florida now. I have been looking for you both for a while then I learned to use the internet and found you both in Greece. I am deeply sorry to read about Ted and hoping and praying that you are doing well. My phone # is (321) 372 9361 and email is I hope to speak to you one day soon. All Love and God’s Richest Blessings to you.

  2. Alan Jones

    Hi Eugenie,

    This is Alan Jones from U-High days. I’ve often thought about you over the years.
    I just came across this website, and I just gotta say Hi!
    Best to you and yours.

    • Eugenie Bafaloukos

      Alan! Amazing! Are you out there? Do you have email? I would love to here from you!

  3. Hi Eugenie, this is Betty Lee.
    I was telling my partner about me being in video with Robert Palmer and looked up the video- I decided to look up you guys to see what’s happening and am sorry to find out Ted’s passing.
    I hope you are well and happy. I am still at the same place on 26th street. If you get the chance, let me know what is going on.

    Love Betty ❤️

  4. Son of Eva P.

    Dearest Eugenie,

    I just spoke to my mother Eva Perusic in Prague and she told me of your recent exchange of emails. I would love to have the opportunity to send you things of a life lived since we last saw each other years ago in New York. I still have such wonderful memories when I stayed at the house on Andros, meeting Teddy’s brother and they hosted me and my brother so wonderfully.

    I pray you are in good spirits and that it is not too hot these days.

    Only the best

    Misha (Isa)