The carefree girl of the movies who was not carefree at all
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The carefree girl of the movies who was not carefree at all

Katerina Gogou became known to the general public for her avant-garde roles of the naive and carefree girl in the film hits of her era. But few knew, until she unfolded her poetic talent, what her soul really hid.

She lived only 53 years, there was no room for her, and in 1993 she committed suicide. Her roles were usually a carefree girl full of spunk. She worked in children’s companies and continued as a professional actress in theatre and film. Wild in “Wood came out of Heaven”, dancing non-stop in “A Crazy, Crazy Family”. Interpretation always successful but always a performance. In fact perhaps acting was a way for Katerina to be in balance. A woman in constant search, constant questioning and always in conflict with the establishment. She expressed her thoughts through her poetry. She loved the theatre and cinema, but she was obsessed with writing. She accompanied her poems with images of marches and struggles of the anti-authoritarian movement. Gaze and lyrics full of rage and indignation, which somehow, despite all their futility, gave you hope that something better was coming, something more real if only you fought for it.

She started performing at the age of 5 in various children’s shows, where she was described as a child prodigy. She had a difficult childhood, due to the Occupation and the Civil War. In her teenage years, Katerina lived with her father, who was very strict towards her, then she stayed with her mother. Her father really supported her in her desire to pursue acting. She studied at Takis Mouzenidis’ school, which was considered one of the best of the time.

From a young age she participated in theatre companies and at the age of 12 she made a film in the movie “The Other”. In total she appeared in 14 Greek films and won the 1988 A’ Female Performance Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for the film “Barry Peponi”, directed by Pavlos Tasios.
“Three Clicks Left” which was her first book sold over 40 thousand copies.

Pavlos Tasios became her partner and together they had Myrto. Something that is not particularly well known is that Katerina was seduced by drugs in her attempt to save her daughter from them.

Myrto had said in a tribute by Semina Digenis :

“Katerina was a child and at some point this child, eating slaps, began to become frustrated with the fact that her dreams were not going to come true”.

Her uncompromising character and her shaken psychology led her to commit suicide in 1993. Myrto was found dead of unknown causes in 2015.