A boy counts the stars
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A boy counts the stars

Dionysis Simopoulos was born in Ioannina on March 8, 1943, and studied Political Communication and Astrophysics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the State University of Luisiana, . During that time, he was awarded several prizes in the field of communication and public speaking. His career began in January 1968, and since then he has worked as curator, assistant director of education and planetarium director at the Louisiana Arts and Science Center, as well as Special Advisor to the Science Committee of the School Board. In October 1972, he was invited to Athens by the Eugenides Foundation, where he still is still occupied as director of the Eugenides Planetarium. He has taught seminars aimed at university graduates and business executives as an instructor of communication, decision making and problem solving, he has presented his work at numerous conferences, and has published hundreds of articles and studies in greek and foreign magazines and newspapers.

He has served as president of European Association for Astronomy Education, a member of the Executive Council of the International Planetarium Society, Secretary General of the European and Mediterranean Planetarium Association and fellow of  the Royal Astronomical Society and the International Planetarium Society, while he is a member of several other international scientific organizations. In 1996 he received the highest honor (IPS Service Award) of the International Planetarium Society for his contribution to astronomy education internationally, while in 2006 he was honored with the Palmes Académiques by the french Education Ministry.

Aiming at proper mass education, he has written more than 500 scripts for educational television shows regarding scientific issues, such as “Red Giants – White Dwarfs”, «Explorers», “The Pathways of the Stars», «Tele-knowledge», «Window to the Universe» etc, over  250 Planetarium show scripts, two sets of scripts (with 30 and 24 episodes each) for video-lessons on astronomy and space science (greek Ministry of Education)  and a series of four CD-ROMs on astronomy. He has also delivered more than 500 lectures on Science and Astrophysics throughout Greece.