The Greek voice behind the microphone of Amsterdam Municipal Radio
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The Greek voice behind the microphone of Amsterdam Municipal Radio

Hellas Pindakass -meaning peanut butter made in Greece- is the original title of a new Greek radio show, broadcasting in the Dutch frequencies of 99.4 Mhz of the Amsterdam Municipal Radio Salto/Wereld FM.

Nikko Koulousios, a Greek journalist with roots in Salonica, is the brain behind the idea for this Greek-speaking radio show. In an effort to promote whatever brings the Greeks and the Dutch together, he funds his show from his personal budget to rent airtime in the municipal radio station.

Hellas Pindakaas is live every Friday night at Wereld FM  (Publieke Omroep Amsterdam).
Wherever you are you can hear it live in this link:
and On Demand, all his previous shows in this link:

Hellas Pindakaas has taken part at the tv show Een Vandaag του Ned1 (12.09.2012). For the last 2 years he is member of Buitenlansde Pers Vereniging, representing Hellas Pindakaas.

Koulousios lives permanently in the Netherlands since 1999. At the beginning of his quest to build a life abroad, fate smiled upon him and granted him with professional recognition and interesting business proposals by third parties in his chosen field. However, life isn’t always roses. The next road he took brought him to a stormy place, but Nikko chose to overcome life’s obstacles with hard work.

Currently, he works in a private firm, earning an income that helps him run his hourly radio show and broadcast news, issues and debates with guests from Greece and the Netherlands every Sunday afternoon, at 7 p.m.