From Symi to Manhattan
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From Symi to Manhattan

Merkourios Angeliades is the founder and President of Angeliades. Inc, one the largest construction companies in New York. He is among the 50 richest Greeks in United States. His company is the fifth largest in New York and among the top 400 in the country.

He was born on November 20th, 1941 in Symi, Greece.

In 1960 he came to the Unites States and he had to do several jobs in order to survive, such as repairing ships, packing cheese and working as a painter. When a friend of his father hired him and started working in a construction site he realized who much he enjoys this job.

In 1965 he founded ANT Construction, building houses and renovating restaurants. In 1969 Magnetic Construction Corp was founded and was responsible for completing over 200 restaurants in three state areas as well as city and state projects.

In 1991 he founded M.A. Angeliades, Inc.

He is proud of his heritage and is deeply involved in the Greek community. Merkourios Angeliades is one of the original founders of the Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church in Roslyn, New York.

He and his wife Libby have four daughters, Phaedra, Aegina, Irena and Iliana.