Top professor of surgery worldwide
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Top professor of surgery worldwide

George Velmahos is a Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and he is internationally acknowledged as a top scientist in his field. Moreover, he’s the Division Chief of Trauma, Emergency Surgery and Surgical Critical Care at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Velmahos’s father has origins in Kalamata and his mother has origins in Crete. He studied at the University of Athens School of Medicine and later worked for the Hippokration Hospital and the General Hospital of Kalamata, before travelling to South Africa to receive his training in trauma medicine at the Baragwanath Hospitalin South Africa, the largest trauma centre in the world.

He later relocated to the United States to conclude his studies in Los Angeles. He practiced trauma medicine for 10 years at the Los Angeles County Hospital, one of the largest trauma centres in the United States, and worked also as Associate Professor at the University of Southern California.

Since 2004, George Velmahos lives in Boston and works for both Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital.

He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and 25 books/book chapters both as a writer or co-writer.

With a newly recruited team, he is building the Centre for Early Trauma Research, which will focus on innovative methods to manage trauma patients in the pre-hospital and early in-hospital post-traumatic phases.


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  1. Ποπη Καραδημα

    Ευτυχως που εφυγε απο την Ελλαδα και προοδευσε. Μπραβο του. Και εις ανωτερα.

  2. Rebecca A Robinson-Brown

    Dr. Velmahos saved my life after a perforation of my bowel in the middle of the night. His beside manners were phenomenal and spent time to discuss my challenges and my husband and I NEVER felt rushed. He is a kind man and the leader in his area of specialty “TRAUMA. I experienced a miracle the afternoon I arrived at MGH and was under the of Monica, RN and Dr. Velmahos. Monica was right there to help control my pain and Dr. Velmahos preformed the surgery and saved my life – without a Colonoscopy! NEVER hesitate to have him manage your care. He is the LEADER so need to worry.