Obama’s Greek adviser in aerospace issues
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Obama’s Greek adviser in aerospace issues

Fokion Egolfopoulos is among the world’s most renown scientists. Born in Lamia in 1957, he grew up under the influence of American music, films and social movements, and cultivated the dream of moving to the US.

He succeeded in realizing his dream/goal in the early 80′ and is today a full-time professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, while he also directs two American research laboratories, funded by NASA and US ministries of Defense and Energy.

He has served as an advisor in energy issues to several US Presidents, and he now offers his valuable knowledge to Barack Obama.

Having lived away from Greece for more than 30 years, Fokion Egolfopoulos does not regret leaving his home-country. In fact, he does not disguise his bitterness at the current situation in Greece, noting that, even if he could turn back time , he would still

make the same choice, since, despite his love for his country, he could never make his dreams come true had he remained in Greece.