Among the top 50 most intelligent people in the world
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Among the top 50 most intelligent people in the world

Nick Lygeros is a Professor of Strategic Analysis at the University of Lyon in France.  He qualifies as the Greek with the highest IQ of 189 on the Standford-Binet intelligence scale and one of the top 50 most intelligent people in the world.

Mathematics, writing, poetry and painting are some of the several areas of interest of this multi-talented man, while strategy and geopolitics are his areas of expertise. Moreover, he’s an Expert Consultant at the École de Défense Nationale, the École de l’Armée de l’Air, the Académie de Police and the École Nationale de Sécurité.

Nick Lygeros was born in Volos in 1968 and relocated with his family to France a few years later.

As a researcher, he has served the faculties of algebra, theory of numbers and the field of combenatorics. He was among the members of the scientific teams that discovered the ten first consecutive primes in arithmetic progression in 1998 and in 2010 the sixth solution of the Ramanujan Equation via computers.

Lygeros has founded the organization The Pi Society, where in order to register one must have an IQ of over 176, a score of intelligence that corresponds to one person in one million according to statistics.

Moreover, he’s a member of MENSA organization of 115,000 members in the world and also a member of the High Intelligence Pars Society.

In his personal website, the visitor has the opportunity to navigate through over 14,590 texts and papers authored by Lygeros on several subjects, like philosophy, painting and cinema.

He’s also one of the three professors that authored the report on the mineral wealth of Greece.