143 years of care and treatment

143 years of care and treatment

In 1870, on the covered with olive-trees island of Mytilene, Dimitris Papoutsanis established his first steam powered olive oil manufacturing unit. A small amount of this valuable first material was stocked to be later used in the production of pure olive oil soap bars, the best in the market at that time, giving birth to his business company 140 years ago. In 1913, the manufacturing unit was relocated to Piraeus, where the first soap production line was set up, before relocating again to Kifissia in 1965.

The rapid stride of Papoutsanis S.A. was sealed in 1972, when the company was listed on the Athens Exchange (ATHEX).

In February 2001, the growing demand for Papoutsanis products motivated the company’s management to expand its facilities to a new unit near Attica, later ranked as the biggest soap production unit in South Eastern Europe and Papoutsanis was named the biggest supplier of hotel personal care products in Greece.

Quality has been the top priority of Papoutsanis for the last140 years, a non negotiable value that they never stopped pursuing. The foundation underneath Papoutsanis, ranging from their first material supplied by renowned Greek and international producers and their quality controls conducted by their Quality Control Lab to the ongoing vocational training of their certified and loyal staff, is carefully checked at every stage of production. Supported by edge technology control equipment of liquid and solid soap, used by their expert analysts and by following the ISO9001:2008 and 22716:2007 certification directives, Papoutsanis has generated an excellent Quality Management Control set of functions.

Being reliable means to make daily efforts to keep the promise to the customers. Reaching this goal requires hard work and the company is motivated and encouraged by the customers’ gratitude and international certifications.

Papoutsanis is dedicated to developing unique innovative products by using pioneering and efficient production methods. The R&D Department is the driving force of the company’s innovation standards, as it can meet the needs for any tailored product whether requested by a customer or collaborator or by the company’s management. Fully optimizing the laboratory soap and liquid cosmetics production units of Papoutsanis, the R&D Department’s experts improve formulas and production methods to later integrate them gradually to the unit’s workflow.


– Papoutsanis manufactured in industrial scale the first olive oil extract green soap bar in Greece.
– In the ‘70s, Papoutsanis manufactured the first glycerine soap bar in Greece.
– Papoutsanis’s products, like green soap bars, glycerine soap bars, Aromatics soaps and shower gels, Karavaki shower gels and soaps, Natura liquid soaps, the Olivia line products and hotel products (Hotel Amenities) are manufactured by following verticalized production processes and guaranteeing the superior quality of 140 years of legacy.