The best beach rackets in the world

The best beach rackets in the world

During the ‘50s, the 20-year old carpenter Dimitris Ferendinos conceived the idea of manufacturing a wooden beach racket, thanks to his love for the sea. He successfully turned his hobby into a career and started venturing at the beginning of the ‘60s at Georgiou str. in the neighbourhood of Koukaki, where he stayed until 1969, and then he relocated to Deligianni str. just behind Panteion University. In 1978, Maria Papanastasiou met with Dimitris Ferendinos and later took charge of the company’s management and development after his sudden decease.

Despite the changes over the years, The Boy racket is still handmade out of Swedish wood and hardboard, while its success secret is the product’s air pockets finishing.

The Boy holds a leading position in the Greek market, based on its philosophy’s focus on innovation. With its foundations of years of experience and trust, The Boy has developed year-long relationships based on trust and close cooperation with its clients, allowing the product to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Currently, The Boy exports to Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

Press here  to see the interview of Ms.. Papanastasiou about the history and the construction of the racket.


  • Racket sports were introduced to our country by the Greeks of Egypt.
  • In 1992, The Boy racket is patented in the market of handmade wooden rackets.