Famous traditional pasta around the world

Famous traditional pasta around the world

Ta Mylelia was founded in 1992 when Christina Panteleimonitis renovated a 305 year old derelict watermill in Lesvos Island to work as it had in the past.

After several months of research and hard work the watermill started working, as it once did, producing 150 kilos of flour daily. It also immediately became a point of attraction for the island, which already attracts large numbers of tourists.

Since she did not want to charge admission to the water mill she decided that the best way for it to cover its expenses would be by selling the flour. There was one problem though. Many bakeries had grown unaccustomed to handling cold processed, whole wheat flour and did not want to change their suppliers. Also the wheat cultivated for the watermill was best suited for pasta. Greece has always produced pasta as a way to preserve eggs and milk during forty day spells of lent.

Today ‘Ta Mylelia’ produces over one hundred and fifty different specialty food products including pasta, fruit preserves and other specialty food products. Its products are sold in specialty stores around the world. Fifteen of the company’s products have won awards in international competitions. The company also operates a second renovated watermill located in Akrata which is about 150km from Athens. The two watermills have hosted over thirty five thousand students of all ages interested in lessons on the environment, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The company innovates by using traditional methods to make new recipes. On average, thirty new products are introduced each year.

The range is based on a variety of almost forgotten recipes, but also many new ones inspired by today’s demand for gourmet flavours. All of ‘Ta Mylelia’ products are created using preservation techniques that are both traditional and natural such as dehydration for pasta and pasteurization for products in jars. Raw materials such as extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, liqueur, honey, and sterilization are the secrets for long lasting, all-natural products.

By using these traditional preservation techniques Ta Mylelia products can preserve the great taste of Greece’s finest agricultural products at their prime without the use of any preservatives.


Ta Mylelia products are enjoyed by consumers around the world who appreciate great tasting food that is both traditional and innovative.


Mylelia company won 10 gold and silver awards in international competitions for products like virgin olive oil with olive branch, herbal tea with orange peel, smoked aubergine caviar, honey dessert with nuts and raisins, mandarin preserve with whiskey, tomato sauce with celery and pineapple, smoked black olives, smoked garlic with mastiha, rose grape vinegar with fresh thyme and white grape vinegar with fresh mint.


–  65% of  ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill products are sold around the world, serving as small but true «ambassadors» of our country’s quality products.

– You can find them in exclusive gourmet shops and restaurants but not in supermarkets due to the small handmade quantities in which they are produced.

– Εveryday schoolchildren visit the two water mills one located on Lesvos Island and the second in the charming village of Akrata,  and also invite schoolchildren and adults alike to visit the workshop in Agios Stefanos.