Beauty is family business

Beauty is family business

The history of Fresh Line began in 1992, when founder and chairman Mayra Vagioni Stasinopoulos decided to maximize her Zakynthian grandmother’s legacy and turn the unique traditional beauty recipes based on selected herbs and rare plants of fragrant and therapeutic qualities into a business.

Fresh Line started out with a store at the busy commercial district of Chalandri. Consumers loved the brand’s originality and within a short period of time demand rose to unexpected levels, motivating the founder to move towards franchising by supplying interested third parties with franchise license agreements and by organizing a national franchise support system.

Since her early age, Vagioni Stasinopoulos produced her own home cosmetics, following her grandmother’s recipes with fresh ingredients from family’s kitchen and garden. Over time, she developed interest in the study of botany and aromatherapy, researching modern and old writings of famous ancient botanists, like Theophrastus, Dioscorides, Homer and Herodotus.

The knowledge, experience and excitement of Mayra were passed on to her two daughters, Paola and Natalie. The three of them, sharing the same dream for global growth, set a target to motivate more consumers to get to know and love their products and memorize them by their Greek names.


Currently, Fresh Line owns a large international shops and shop-in-shops network in several countries and also a model production unit and an extended team of expert executives to support wholesale and retail customers and guarantee brand’s sustainable growth.

Fresh Line employs a workforce of 100 and the company’s privately owned production unit expands to 2,500 sqm at the area of Markopoulo in Attica. Fresh Line is also certified with ISO 9008:2001 and ICEA for production methods.


– The company employs a total workforce of 100. and within 2013 will increase the workforce by 20-25%

– Fresh Line supports vulnerable social groups and organizations, in fact last January donated to Saint Anna’s Christian Home for Girls’s and Saint Filotheï the Athenian Institution’s heating oil supplies

– During the Christmas period Fresh Line donated €100 per collaborator to the Aggalia Society for Protection of Unborn Child 

– 100 out of 190 Fresh Line Stores abroad are situated in Russia