Natural Greek Delight

Natural Greek Delight

Founder Panagiotis Marlafekas started out this promising journey in 1950, establishing a small scale industry at Pantokratoros st, in the Old Town of the city of Patras. Back then, a total of 11 equal size businesses were operating in the Achaean capital. To jump out, one had to make a single choice: to pick the best ingredients and fix exceptional recipe formulas, raising the hope of standing first in Patras consumers’ choice. In practice, it proved to be a successful combination of factors, as Loux Orangeade, Lemonade and Carbonated Gazoza Drink are the favourite of Patras people since then.

Fully supported by his wife Ioanna, Marlafekas made his next critical decision -and fundamental to the business advancement- to relocate Loux manufacturing site to Kefalovriso, an area lacking basic enterprising facilities at that time, such as electric power and telecommunications network. However, the spot of Kefalovriso was popular for excellent synthesis water, flowing from the area’s rich subsoil.  But then again, his initiative was motivated by his eager desire for best quality at any cost; the business history over time has proved him right.

Loux currently

Loux is the largest native Greek company in the soft drinks and fruit juices market, landing 3rd in sales rank following two international brands and 2nd in all flavours category.

Loux premises expand as far as 33,000 sq m of three privately owned edge technology manufacturing units, comprising 7,800 sq m of roofed facilities. The Manufacturing Unit is located at Kefalovriso, the Distribution Centre operates from the area of Saravali and the PET Packaging Vertical Production Chain Unit is situated at Aegion.

Loux Group of Companies employs a direct and indirect workforce of 95, 74 in the area of Achaea and 21 in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Loux Unit of Patras is supplied with edge technology mechanical equipment, where advanced hygiene and packaging quality control methods are followed. Loux is certified with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 for Production.

Loux exports to Germany, Canada, United States, Italy and Cyprus and brand’s products were also recently introduced to the markets of China and England.


• The average age rate of Loux workforce is 36.
• In 2007, Loux Marlafekas donated €0.10 per purchased 1,5 lt bottle in support of the children of families stricken by the large destructive wildfires that hurt the prefecture of Elis.
• Loux Marlafekas supports awareness and educational environmental causes.
• Loux Marlafekas supports athletic unions and social institutions, in an effort to motivate young people towards athletics.