From the pharmacy in Pagrati to the global market

From the pharmacy in Pagrati to the global market

KORRES was established in 1996. The vision of George Korres to create products for the skin, based on the beneficial effects of herbs began from the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. Since then the company’s growth was rapid, and today it is among the top brands around the world, with presence in 30 overseas markets in 5500 pharmacies throughout Greece.

The company currently has presence in Europe (Greece, Germany, Spain, France, England), the United States, Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia), Africa and Australia. Korres company can be characterized as a development model, and has managed to be one of the best brand name in world cosmetics market.

Manufacturing innovative products, based on applied and primary research guaranteeing proven efficacy, targeted natural active ingredients and edge technology, introducing new categories, combining quality-efficacy-price in perfect balance, investing in brand communication and also sustaining the growth trajectory of export activity in the European and American continents are some of KORRES venturing goals. However, company’s heart beats to the rhythm of our growth philosophy and values mirrored in the four-ply form Herbs/Cooperations/Extracts/Research that leads KORRES future steps.


First material in KORRES products are herbs. Greek herbs in particular form company’s major field of interest and main investing field since its start-up, aiming at promoting and exploiting the Greek flora. Besides, Greek nature is a rich source of beneficial actives, comprising 6,500 plants, of which 1,200 are native. KORRES together with the Organic Agriculture Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens has mapped the indigenous flora, in an effort to spot the ideal fields for organic cultivation of selected herbs, excelled for their exceeding performance. During this process, significant parameters were taken into account, like climate and soil conditions and also social criteria, like unemployment rates. Some of the selected cultivation fields are located in Volos for the almond tree, Agrinio for the achillea, Samos and Evia for the thyme, Larisa for the wild rose, Thesprotia for the bay and many more.

Extraction Units

The Extraction Unit is a major KORRES investment during the past years, like the privately owned facilities at Inofyta of Viotia, the strategic planning for the rise of percentage of participation or enterprise buyout that can further serve expansion of distribution network, like Farmakon Nothern Greece [100%] and German District Two [50%], and also the continuous upgrade of mechanical equipment in correspondence to the increased needs.


Guided by an International Independent Scientific Board of Professors in the fields of Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy and Clinical Dermatology, KORRES studies extracts, targeting at the company’s contribution in European natural products and skin biochemistry research programs. In 2014, KORRES will announce the results of an ongoing research in cooperation with eight academic and research centres on anti-ageing and anti-sun damage efficacy of 3,600 natural antioxidant actives.

The KORRES Research & Development Department avails the research findings in developing product formulas in the KORRES production unit, certified for Quality Management, Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices, Natural and Organic Cosmetics and Environmental Management System.



– Greek nature is a rich source of beneficial actives, comprising 6,500 plants, of which 1,200 are native.
– For further serve expansion of distribution network, the company planned the buyout of Farmakon Nothern Greece and the participation in German District Two.