Sweets with origins from Asia Minor

Sweets with origins from Asia Minor

Konstantinidis Confectionaries have been present in the Greek pastry industry since the beginning of the 20th century. After the Asian Minor Disaster, Konstantinidis family relocated to the town of Larisa in 1922, where Gregory Konstantinidis started the first basic pastry shop of those times.

In 1925, Gregory’s sons, Lazaros and Stelios, started the first confectionary on Greek territory, located in a shack. Later on, Platamonas, Thessaloniki, Volos and Athens are significant milestone places in the history of Konstantinidis Confectionaries. The grandchildren of Gregory Konstantinidis, Gregory, Stelios and Maria Konstantinidis, are currently leaders of the family business. Our top priority is to keep the family tradition intact by coupling our past, present and future.

Currently, the company owns 20 shops in Greece. All confectionary shops are privately owned by the Konstantinidis family, in an effort to monitor product quality standards that serve customers on a daily basis. Following modern methods of food hygiene and safety and using edge technology pastry laboratories, Konstantinidis family confident that can rank first opposite similar brands.

Currently, Konstantinidis Group markets its products in the Greek market exclusively. Their future plans is to reach to all big metropolitan European and American cities.

In Greece, Konstantinidis Group is a major employer in the pastry market, recruiting an average of 200 employees.

Family’s confectionary is produced in their shops’ public display laboratories. The ingredients come straight from Greek producers in different locations of the country. Konsantinidis Group respects and supports local producers in distant locations, like Tyrnavos and Crete. It is worth mentioning that all ingredients are methodically and carefully selected by Gregory Konstantinidis and his team.

With the country undergoing difficult times, reserving the employees’ jobs is their top priority. Given the facts, Konstantinidis Group successfully managed to keep employing all human resources members, in addition to announcing new jobs to the market. It is worth mentioning that through relaunching their shops in Thessaloniki and also opening a new confectionary shop in Alimos, they offer new jobs to young people and contribute to the financial growth of Greece.


– Konstantinidis Confectionaries participate in social cause events, like Christmas Bazaar 2011, offering our profits to support the non governmental organization Smile of the Child.

– They own traditional and antique icecream bicycles full of products for weddings christenings and other social events

– Recruiting an average of 200 employees in 20 branches all over Greece