The miracle water from the Carpathian Mountains 

The miracle water from the Carpathian Mountains 

Water is the most widespread liquid on Earth. It is a mythical resource that requires constant management, as it is necessary for every form of life. Its abundance or lack significantly affects people’s way of life. After all, 70% of the human body is made up of water. 

The Carpathian Mountains on the other hand hide natural springs that gush gurgling water,are covered by fraudulent forests of firs and oaks with fauna a significant population of wild animals (bears, wolves, wild boars, etc.). The forests are extensive in an area corresponding to 2 times the area of Macedonia. Right there, 21 years ago, the forests of the Carpathians revealed a natural treasure to Ioannis Valvis.  A water source so pure that it is suitable even for babies.

For a decade, the 3rd generation Greek businessman from Santorini, conducted detailed research to find that this discovery brought a unique finding: the only water in the world with zero nitrate (carbonated) or almost zero nitrate (simple) .

AQUA Carpatica has remained unchanged, pure and undefiled for centuries, without additives, without flavor enhancers, without artificial carbonate or processing. Just as natural mineral water should be.




In the Carpathian Mountains, in one of the last wild forests of Europe, are protected the two purest, natural springs of our planet. From these virgin springs gush the unique mineral waters AQUA Carpatica: 

AQUA Carpatica Natural Mineral Water 

AQUA Carpatica Natural Carbonated Natural Mineral Water

The AQUA Carpatica natural mineral water has almost zero nitrates (absolute, 0.6mg) safe for mothers and babies, but also for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle. From the point of view of Nitrates, it is one of the purest waters of nature, the ideal choice for happy and healthy families. You will find it in PET packages 0.250lt, 0.5lt, 1lt, 1.5lt and 2l t as well as in a glass bottle of 0.750lt. There is also the package for children PET 250ml with an innovative special mouth that makes it easier for them to drink it without wetting their clothes.




Regarding the launch of Aqua Carpatica in the Greek market, Mr. Giannis Valvis the President and CEO stated:

“We believe that nature must be preserved unchanged and we are committed to protecting natural resources. At AQUA Carpatica we use an  environmentally friendly technology to export our waters responsibly. “We have worked closely with local authorities to implement an environmental protection plan which we have implemented, ensuring that the land around the springs is not contaminated and is not affected by any human activity.”



About the company:

The main goals of the companies of the Group of Giannis Valvis have a strong “green” character: The natural carbonated mineral water AQUA Carpatica, the production of wine and the selected production of organic wines Domeniile Samburesti, and the agriculture of organic cereals with the brand name LaDORNA. One of the current goals of the Group is the development of integrated renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaics and biomass energy Agro Electrica & Terra Muntenia. The turnover of the Group amounts to 50 million euros and the human resources consist of 500 people.




Valvis Holding’s guiding principle, is that it is an “environmentally friendly” company. In other words, it is an “ecological enterprise”. An ardent supporter of green agriculture, Valvis Holding has set itself the goal of turning the Carpathian Mountains into an ecological agricultural center, and it has achieved this goal.