From nature’s pharmacy to your local pharmacy

How did you come up with the idea of Power Health and how did you finally manage to place nature in local pharmacies?

Having grown up in nature, I early realized that nature alone is an apothecary, standing by to gift to us its beneficial qualities and resolve mild, routine health treatment problems. My prospect is to capture the power of nature in my products to enhance human health and wellbeing and that’s exactly the foundation, philosophy and identity of Power Health. It took us a lot of hard work, persistence and tenacity to prove the implicit fact that nature is our unchallenged ally in health. Through valid information and systematic training we offered the chance to both the pharmacists and the consumers to relate with alternative health products and grow loyalty in their superior benefits for our daily life.

In 1984, you introduced an innovative type of business, marketing alternative products to the Greek public. How willing were Greek consumers to endorse novelty back then?

Power Health was a revolutionary challenge at its start up in 1984.  We introduced a new type of discourse on living standards through the use of alternative health products, like vitamins, food supplements, homeopathy and plant therapies, in back times when our current actuality appeared unrealistic. Of course, when you lead someone into new concepts, it’s mathematically proven that you will be up against his doubt and disbelief; from consumers’ side in particular. However, you rightfully own the lead and the prerogative to open new paths on condition that you do it the right way; the fair, respectful, professional and consistent way. In Power Health we have been walking this road for over 3 decades and we will definitely stay on that road for long.

What’s the Greek consumer’s favourite product category?

Our products are for either seasonal or all-year use. During winter months, first in consumers’ choice stand virus disease and flu prevention or treatment products and also products for immune system reinforcement, like echinacea, vitamic C, cough syrups, soar throat and nasal congestion sprays and multivitamins, products that bolster the human body to successfully cope with long working hours and hasty daily routine. As expected, during spring and summer months slimming products stand first in female consumers’ choice, also climbing up in male consumers’ preference scale over the last few years. Regarding non-seasonal products, food supplements stand first in consumers’ choice, topped by our erectile dysfunction and sexual performance product; and then energy and toning products rank among the first. Finally, phytotherapy products with pharmaceutical qualities used in prevention and alternative or supplementary treatment are our consumers’ favourite, steadily growing loyalty as a safe and affordable solution against health issues and mild chronic diseases.
Suppose you started Power Health up today. Would you make different choices?

No, I wouldn’t change a thing or else I would risk ruining the perfect balance of a 30-year philosophy that led us to corporate recognition and accomplishment through the establishment of a relation between Power Health and the majority of Greek pharmacists and Greek families, based on trust and loyalty. Yet, the fact that I would be starting up a business firm in a period of financial crisis would not discourage my desire to make my dream of making people’s lives better by putting the power of nature in their pockets come true. On the contrary, I would show greater passion and persistence in proving two things in particular; first, nature is our ally and second, Greek products deserve a first choice chance.

What are your future steps and ambitions?

I hope that Power Health carries on treating the Greek family with products from nature’s apothecary to local pharmacies and with as much integrity and consistency as our 30-year long journey inspires us with. Moreover, we plan to diversify our export activity. Allow me to mention that Power Health products are fully consistent with the current international quality, safety and potency standards, as innovative products, not only worthy of fairly competing but also of outgrowing the international competition. Power Health products are 100% Greek and often unique in a European and international level. That’s our competitive edge that we highlight in our effort to prove that Greek entrepreneurship is all about demonstrating real ingenuity and excellent potential. The majority of Greek firms share the same story.

The financial crisis in Greece and abroad has affected business. In what way did it affect Power Health in particular?

We are part of the Greek society. In that sense, we would be lying suggesting that we are not affected by the financial crisis. We are certainly affected, but we managed to successfully keep our viability levels intact. However, the fact that the crisis continues to be on a climax course causes feelings of insecurity and distress. Even so, Power Health has always been a well-ordered business, taking planned steps and safely managing its resources. We did neither operate beyond our investing boundaries nor did we turn to lending backing exceeding our management capital limits. Power Health is a 100% Greek business firm, relying strictly on its own resources. However, we chose to go against the crisis with hard work and loyalty to our ambitions.

As operating outlook grows weaker in Greece, could relocating abroad to support your business growth be a backup goal in your agenda?

Personally, I have deprived myself of the right to name Power Health a Greek firm while being based abroad. The possibility of relocating our head offices has never crossed my mind, though it would be profitable for my business. Yet, it would be also dishonest towards the people that have been serving the company and its causes for over 30 years. By the way, let me assure you that Greek companies investing in their base facilities within the frontier line of the country and supporting the Greek economy and society, come up against daily incidents of state cruelty, lack of concern and unfair attitudes that not merely inflict on their growth but also on their survival potential.

With a regularly funded R&D department, what’s next to come in the market by Power Health?

As usual, natural innovative products that guarantee solutions of premium quality, safety and potency in consumers’ health, energy and beauty, designed to meet even the most particular needs. The Greek scientists that serve Power Health’s R&D Department research and study current and future development on fresh, natural and effective ingredients, as nature’s supply is rich in treasures. Research procedures often last for months, aiming at ensuring the three standards of premium quality, safety and potency that back up our products. In the case of specialized products, like Mens-X, our natural alternative recommendation against erectile dysfunction, we highly invested on clinical trials that finally justified our estimate. We use the same methodology in our line of slimming products, manufacturing clinically tested formulas with natural effective ingredients, satisfying the high standards and expectations of our Greek female consumers, whose trust we have already earned.


From nature’s pharmacy to your local pharmacy

Lili Pergada’s loyalty to the beneficial qualities of nature was the source of inspiration for a way to place these qualities in the market manufacturing health and wellbeing products.

Pergada’s academic studies in the Chemistry Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and her earned expertise in Food Chemistry and Management in England provided her with the required experience to later realize that natural food supplements filled up the market gaps and reinforced English consumers’ stamina in their strenuous and challenging daily routine.

Soon after, Pergada decided to come back to Greece with a purpose to place the premium quality standard in the Greek family, importing natural health products in the Greek market.

Power Health is on top of the natural health products market in terms both of Greek pharmacists and Greek families’ preference.

Power Health Hellas is located at Metarphosis, Attica, in a high end, privately owned, five-storey building of European standards and 2,000 square metres, housing all operating departments, like Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Showroom and Storehouse.

Research & Development Department’s scientists design exclusive formulas for Power Health Hellas with superior expertise and niche experience, based on natural raw material, like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, plant and fruit extracts.

Products in a perfectly balanced relation with the Greek reality, meeting the needs of all family members. Formulas exclusive in European level, not merely meeting European standards but often surpassing them.

Despite the harsh financial crisis beating the country, Power Health is standing for Greece abroad earning prestigious international distinctions from the top European Business Institution, the international Global Trade Leaders Club and Ernst & Young.


– Power Health Hellas has engaged in long-term support causes with non profitable organizations, like UNICEF, Pharmacists of the World, Médecins Sans Frontières and The Smile of the Child.

– Power Health products are currently exported to Cyprus and the Balkans.

– Power Health employs a workforce of 70, 38 men and 32 women, with an age average of 35-40.