The innovative Greek Online Pharmacy

The innovative Greek Online Pharmacy

The first and largest Online Pharmacy in Greece,, was founded in 2012 in order to become the best online health and beauty consultant. The objective of its founder, Mr. Gerasimos Triantafyllas, was to provide the customer with the confidence and reassurance that he would feel in a physical store, buying everything he cared for and having a pharmacist at the same time with him, by his side.



The beginning was in 1977, when the first pharmacy -a physical store- was set up in Athens, at 113 Filolaou Street, in Pagrati.

In 2012, it was the milestone of the business, as the next big step was the creation and operation of the first e-shop, an e-pharmacy, in the fashion of a state-of-the-art e-shop, which thus eradicated the distances between consumers and the product.



A major and wide range of products -that nowadays has reached 22,000 codes by 400 established companies- has been gathered and readily available, and a well-trained team of pharmacists, pharmacist assistants, aesthetists and dieticians serves and advises people from every corner of Greece and the whole world. It is noteworthy that many top Greek pharmaceuticals are shipped even to customers who are living in China.



Through the website, the customer has direct access to all products of well-known dermocosmetics products, supplements and food products, in the whole range of homeopathic products of all potentials, infant, orthopedic and diagnostic products as well as beauty- makeup and a plethora of other parapharmaceutical products that have as a point of sale the e-pharmacy, and the physical store, at the best prices in the market.’s priority is not only to give access to its unique offers, but also to guide the person who is interested in any product, in order to best satisfy his every need, to advise him and to propose solutions to any of his problems, no matter how far away he may be.



In turn, e-pharmacy customers of the company, supporting it all the years with their preference and trust, became the driving force for developing specific services, enriching the range of products and becoming their buying experience is even faster, easier, more reliable and, ultimately, fun.



In 2017, a really big investment took place and “O Farmakopoios mou” took the next step, redeeming all the confidence he had received, and welcoming his fully refurbished, modern and technologically upgraded electronic shop through the well-known online address Easier access, faster search, even more products and at any moment a specialist beside you, to advise you.



In 2018, the online store acquires new headquarters, a new “home”, with state-of-the-art facilities and warehouse space, with a total 2000 m² of logistics area with “3PL” standards, which contribute to the proper storage and management of goods and fully prepared to accommodate the present -and the future- of



All the employees, the offices, the distribution center, the department store and the call center, staffed with specialists who are there capable of answering any questions that the customer may have, are now under the same roof.



For 42 years, from 1977 to date, with perseverance, patience, systematic and meaningful work, “ofarmakopoiosmou” takes care of the mission that he set out at the beginning by Mr. Gerasimos Triantafyllas: Creating and building a long-lasting relationship of trust and security with its clients.



The innovative online store is fully ready to become your Pharmacist, your personal counselor and your favorite destination, where you can enjoyably and easily obtain all the necessary products for you and your family.